The practice & team

Our purpose is our patients.

We believe exceptional dentistry requires more than clinical excellence and modern, highly equipped practices. We believe it also requires great customer services. 

Our philosophy is to care for you in the way we would wish to be cared for. This means at a Portman clinic you benefit from:

  • Highly qualified clinicians
  • Superb clinical facilities
  • Appointments at times that suit you
  • Access to top specialists
  • A comfortable practice
  • Your treatment explained to you in a way you can understand
  • Affordable dentistry
  • Rigorous hygiene standards
  • Friendly and caring staff

The practice & team

Meet the team

Get to know our professional and friendly team here at Lavender Dental & Implant Clinic

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The practice & team

Visions & values

Our visions and values are at the heart of everything we do.

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The practice & team

Dental phobia

We understand some patients feel nervous about their trip to the dentist. Talk to one our team to feel more at ease.

Portman Dental Care Awards

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COVID SECURE - Our practice remains OPEN and welcoming patients. We have introduced several ways to keep you safe, take a look for more information.